Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Monday, February 6, 2012

We received our first small shipment on Friday with great anticipation and excitement. It was nearly three years ago when we started working on this together.  I was 9 months pregnant and was meeting with a wedding dress designer (since she was the only one in our area willing to work on developing our prototype) to go over the the specifics of sewing out first "official" prototype as JuJu Roo. It took over a year to get a design we felt was good enough to take to the next level. Since we are new to the industry and did not have a long list of contacts, it was by trial and error (oh what a long painful process that was) that we found a company we could work with to get us here!

     Luckily, I have an infant who is just the right age for the Shower Carrier. Our weekend was busy and chaotic, and I had the opportunity to test out our new carrier. Success! One happy clean baby. One happy clean mommy. When I bathe my son, I sit on the floor of the bathroom and hang over the bathtub to get him clean. I have on my clothes with a towel protecting me so I don't get wet. It was a refreshing change to shower with him and not worry about the mess. The best part is that it is another opportunity for me to bond with him (as I work full-time and feel guilty about the limited time I spend with him during the week).

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are you a new mom who feels like she never  gets a long enough shower, or a shower at all? Are you are peeking out every few seconds to make sure your infant is okay? Well, JujuRoo Baby Shower Carrier is here to make your life easier! JujuRoo Baby Shower Carrier is a hands-free carrier made of mesh and neoprene. The mesh allows you to wash and rinse your baby and the neoprene gives extra padding and comfort to your shoulder area, and for baby too.  JujuRoo Shower Carrier enables you to wash your hair, shave your legs, and wash your baby too. You even have extra hands to wash your other children too. 

Have a congested baby....JujuRoo Shower Carrier is the perfect can stand with your baby is your steam shower and not worry about getting tired holding them, or their wet slippery bodies. JujuRoo Shower Carrier keeps your baby safe and snug. Skin to skin contact provides the nurturing time that babies need with their parents.  JujuRoo can be used by either mom or dad. It has several different size adjustments and is easily taken in or out.  JujuRoo is your solution for a safe, effective, and enjoyable shower! Great for the beach, or water park....waterproof. Compact, for on the go. This is the next big thing that every new mom should have! JujuRoo, for baby and